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  1. So I did what you asked me to do.
    From a previous message that I opened in the forum

    Rhat leaves you with 2 options.
    1. Use the free version and it's available functionality
    2. Get a license

    And still the PowerDVD software is unable to play an Iso blu-ray file when I copy through the CLONEBD. And if I'm copy throgh imburn. PowerDVD software, run the Blu-ray iso file.
    So as I thought, there is some problem with the CLONEBD software. I would be happy to help and fix it. Because I really like the software.

    Update. Could the problem be in PowerDVD software? Because I created a new file and tried to run it on PowerDVD and I still have a note that this file type is not supported in the software.
    So I tried the DVDFab play 6 software and the file works properly.

    here the chanelog

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