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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by 3r1c, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. gus738

    gus738 Well-Known Member

    yea i think this will happen but i wished they would insted of doing this team up and make a better formate because quad hd is going to come people lol ...
  2. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm Member

    And so is a 200 GB Blue Ray Disc, as for me I could care less right now about either format since they have to make upgrades every week to fix faults in their programs, gee shades of Microsoft Windows is it not, but I would like to see both formats work together and make one system using both formats so we all can act civilized. I have no desire to buy any HD or BR dvds since I have a rather large collection of DVD's now. To me it just means another way for the studio's to push the same movie to you again at three times the price. So I for one will just sit back and watch the who flung pooh continue. Just remember, Porno killed Beta, not VHS, it was porno's choice of format. As for sales, maybe you should read the latest on both formats at the Nielson Reports, you will be in for a big surprise as to which format is really winning the war. Cheers Mates
  3. banders100

    banders100 Guest

    Blue-Ray Rules

    Blu-Ray is obviously the clear winner in this race and has statistically beat HD-DVD in every category including retail sales. Don't be a sore loser.

    blu-ray support should most definately be in AnyDVD before HD. It deosn't make any sense to me to even add HD support. I'll bet the free rip software will have it before ANyDVD does.
  4. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    Most people don't even know what HD-DVD or Blu-Ray is yet. Wait until they become the standard for movies, in about a year or two.
  5. Zer0

    Zer0 Guest

    If you think that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray at this time are no Standards you are totally uninformed.

    Both are accepted Standards by the Industry

    And by the way ... please stop spamming in every thread!!
  6. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    I mean for widespread use by customers. How am I spamming?
  7. Zer0

    Zer0 Guest

    hd-dvd and blu-ray spreaded in usa and asia and that is the wide range of customers.

    I Europe i don't know, i can only speak for Germany and at this time! Blu-Ray writers available for 800 euro (in US Dollar - $1.050) and HD-DVD not available. Only the HD-DVD drive from the Xbox 360 for 200 euro (in US Dollar - $263) ...

    And spamming means, that you post every time in every thread without reading posts before you start writing an answer and after submitting your post, you will see that your post and the post from other user almost the same ...

    You regged at 28th january and at this time you have 693 posts. Hey, come on. This forum doesn't exist a fully month and you post even to much...

    Sure, Moderators decide ... but a community with almost 6300 users and 1 Moderator ... PLEASE stay in the range of reality

    Webslinger are an Moderator and you NOT!!!!
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  8. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    We'll let the moderators decide if someone is spamming or not. Look at Webslinger, Webslinger has more posts than me. We just help out a lot of members.
  9. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I'm closing this thread. I think it's outlived its usefullness.

    In general, if someone has a problem with what someone is posting, please pm
    me, so that I can discuss the situation with you.
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