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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by mikegee, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. mikegee

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    I recently purchased both anydvd and clonedvd2. Ripping and writing is easy even when ur like me..i know nothing. What I want to as is how do you rip a movie to the hard drive to be streamed to the TV..just like the "downloaded movies" .I tried with HERO, and got a lot of .VOB files. How in the world to I get these to one movie, avi, mpg, etc?

    Again, ripping and writing is no problem, but all the searching I have done does not show me how to rip and make the movie viewable by streaming as i can do my "downloaded movies" can ANYONE help me accomplish this?

    Mike...and OLD newbie
  2. Clams

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    I think you'd need a third party program to convert them to another format.
    When you download a movie to your computer to stream to the TV - what format are the files in?


    PS: You don't have to thnack me any more. I got thnacked enough as a child. :D
  3. Charlie

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    MP4 or DivX may be right up your alley as it is one file a it seems to stream easier too. I assume you have the TV hooked up to the PC to do this or you have another piece of hardware that syncs the TV to the PC?
  4. mikegee

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    they are usually avi, and i use xilisoft to covert them to mpeg1, which my player can deocde. This is the first time I thought i would take a movie and rip it my HD, but anydvd ripped all the chapters of the the largets track. I thought it would simply rip the largest vob to the hd where i could convert it. My problem is i cannot find a pgm to either only rip the largest track, which i assume would be the movie sans all the other crap, or to combine all the .vob that are ripped ny anydvd. Does this make sense? that's my problem? i don't have enough sense to make it work.

  5. mikegee

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    charlie: yes, TV hooked up to Plasma. Will divx convert all these individual vob to one playable movie? also, is every dvd ripped down to its individual chapters as andydvd did?
  6. Charlie

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    I don't run a HTPC and if you use Clonedvd Mobile that it takes just the main movie no extras etc.... I could be wrong though. As for xilisoft never used it. However when you have a movie ripped to the hdd it will convert all the VOB's in that folder to a divx format. Note the riped folder that you used to convert will still be VOB's though so after the convert you may want to delete that as you have a divx format which is one big file.
  7. mikegee

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    thanks the 24000 dollar question. what pgm to use to convert? got any ideas? that will get me on my way.

  8. Charlie

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  9. Zeratul

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    i would suggest clonedvd mobile as well. you can use the vob passthrough profile to make a single large .vob or you can use the generic (divx) profile to make an .avi
  10. Pelvis Popcan

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    I believe you want VLC Media Player.

    After using AnyDVD Ripper or CloneDVD to rip your DVD to a directory, use VLC Media Player's "File," "Open Directory" to play it for streaming.

    VLC Media Player is freeware.
  11. mikegee

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    Well..thanks to everyone. i am using clonedvd mobile, and it works great. windows media server is playing them great. what a terrific set of tools. thank you all so much for helping me with this.

    I am ripping my first blue ray today. now I have to figure out how to get it streamed. It is TROY, which I believe has no BD+.

    I may have to holler again.

    Thanks again
  12. kd5yov

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    You might even try the program that comes with NERO..

    It is called NERO RECODE 3:

    Also you can set a video to an optional size on this setting:
    (Good for I-Pods, either by MB Size or By CD or DVD's)

    I use this to recode program for resizing video before post then to YouTube
    because they have to be below 100mb and sometimes I go over..