Playing Back Ripped HD-DVD Folder


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Feb 15, 2007
I ripped King Kong to my hard drive and updated my graphics card drivers but PowerDVD HD 7.2 scrambles the video while trying to play back the HD-DVD from the ripped folder. If I revert to PowerDVD HD 6.5, I get a clean movie screen and sound including the menu but it plays back with the picture-in-picture feature of U-Control enabled. I've tried to disable the U-Control and the icon goes away on the screen, but the PIP stays. Is it just that there isn't a way to turn it off properly from the menu options, or is it a result of the rip?
Adding nothing really but how did you get it to play? I cant even get past the incompatible graphics error I keep getting. :(
First I went to the web site for my graphics card then downloaded and installed the most current drivers. Then from PowerDVD HD 6.5, I selected "open dvd files on hard drive" as my source, then clicked on the top folder that included the subfolders ripped from the HD-DVD. When the "OK" button was enabled, I clicked OK and it starts running the DVD.