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  1. djh901

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    I don't understand why some hd dvds will rip and play back fine from the hard drive while others done exactly the same way will crash the software*** and not play from the hard drive after ripping.

    These disks just hang then crash---Good night and good luck for example is just great from hard disk. While Batman Begins, King Kong, and Mission Impossible 3 all will not play from the folder... and no we are not playing just the EVO file. I am playing the ripped folder. Any ideas??

    nvidia gx 6800 pci e
    4 gigs of ram
    amd 64 4200x2 IN 32 BIT MODE
    asus mb
    creative sound
    dvi connection
    view sonic wide screen dvi monitor
    vista ultimate 32 bit os
    using any dvd hd beta
    using cyber link ultra 7.1***
  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    As soon as Virtual CloneDrive supports HD DVD images and CloneCD supports HD DVD image creation, you won't need to play from a harddisk folder, so the trouble will (hopefully) be over.
  3. zapper

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    Is this wishfull thinking? or have you read anything that most of us are not prieve to:D
  4. djh901

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    This sounds like very good news!

    When we are able to make iso files of a hd or blue ray disk, what a joy that will be...we will be purchasing large 750 gig drives, and hd disk and burners...which makes jobs and money for business.

    I purchase all of my hd or dvd movies, I don't rent them I own them, or at least I thought that's how it worked.:D
  5. Faye

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    I'm playing batman begins and king kong from the folder.

    It sounds to me as though you've not got the ACA files there, but still reference them in the XPL. Edit your XPL and remove all the references to applications and such. Also make sure your titles are numbered sequentially from 1.
  6. djh901

    djh901 Member

    Playing From The Folder After Rip

    Can you go through this process step by step, so we can see where the error is.

    Again we have some HD rips that play just fine from the Hard Drive others just don't work at all... trying to find out if this is something we are doing or if its just hardware, software.
  7. A Friend

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    Virtual Clone Drive Also for Blu-Ray?


    Will Virtual Clone Drive also support Blu-Ray and simulate a Region-Blu-Ray drive?

    A Friend
  8. Charlie

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    I would imagine so since they now support it.