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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lightning Bolt, Aug 30, 2020.

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    There is no issue(s) but, I recently bought a new DVD and tried playing it in my DVD disc drive. At first it did not show up at all for my PC to read or play it. While I had the DVD in the drive I decided to open AnyDVD to let is scan the disc to see what would happen. AnyDVD did not find any protections on the disc but it did patch the UDF file system for the disc.

    Now that the UDF is patched the DVD now plays even without AnyDVD open. I thought this was strange, I was curious why this happened? Could it have been that the recent update to AnyDVD had a patch update to the UDF and that is the reason now the DVD will play without AnyDVD open? I thought this was interesting because I did not know this was going to work so I could play the DVD on my PC. If I was to try playing this same DVD on a different PC do I need to do the same thing for AnyDVD to patch the UDF on that PC as well? Thanks.