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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sgptx1, Mar 3, 2007.

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    i have burned some movies on my philips dvd burner that has a hard drive in it.
    now i am trying to make a copy of it on my computer using slysoft dvd clone software, because it is much faster. each time i try i will get an error on it. it says something like avr format.
    can anybody help me as to what i can do so i can be able to copy it.
    thanks...sgptx1:( :( :(
    maybe the philips format is compatable with slysoft software.
  2. G-Omaha

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    Which Phillips DVD drive are you using and does it create DVR -v- DVD's. Are you recording directly to it from TV or other Video sources? And then the last question - If you are using DVD-R; has the DVD been finalised after the recording has completed?
  3. oldjoe

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    What is the exact model of the Phillips DVD Recorder? What type of media(-R -RW.....+R +RW)
    Not finalizing the disc is most likely the problem.
  4. G-Omaha

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    Dooh - That's what my post indicated..... Just kidding around here....

    That is the most likely problem; however, it may not be the cause...
  5. oldjoe

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    That's why I ask the model number of the DVD recorder and what kind of media. :D
  6. opjones

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    Summary & History:
    I am experiencing the same problem. I bought the dvdr3455 w/160g hard drive from Walmart just days ago. I am using it in my church to record our services from two cameras attached to an a/v mixer. I record to +rw which doesn't require finalization. I have also recorded to -r's & +r's and finalized them. I can play them on my other older philips dvdr72 which I am trying to retire and used for about 4 years with great success. I can also play with various degrees of success in my cheap magnavox table-top unit (it locks toward the middle of the recording).

    DVD's or DVR's?
    I don't know for sure that the new unit is creating dvr's or dvd's. How do I determine that?

    Duplicator Fails:
    I have a 1:4 dvd duplicator w/16x sony's which reads/copies about a third of the disc and then fails w/a source read error from either the RW or the R.

    DVD Shrink & 1ClickCopyPro Results:
    These dics gives a disc structure error with DVD Shrink and although 1Click will read the disc, go through the cloning process, burn the copy, the copy won't play. In fact once 1Click finishes the initial analysis, the viewer has NO video whatsoever in it. But looking at the resources from the disc I can see there is 3 to 4 gig of a/v on the disc.

    Philips Support Results:
    I upgraded to the latest firmware levels and spoke to Philips Support. What a joke! They actually told me "TOO BAD WE CAN'T HELP YOU". What?!? I immediately asked for escalation. After speaking with their tier 2 support, they guy told me that I shouldn't be able to copy/duplicate the discs. In fact he was suprised that I was able to do this with the dvdr72. I won't need to call them again.

    AnyDVD Results:
    AnyDVD has a feature that allows us to rip video dvd to the hard disc. Great! Successfull. I can actually play the a/v on the computer. Now I can use my other programs to remove the menu and make my masters on my -r's. NOT!!!!!! When I use DVDShrink to read these files from the hard drive, all of the a/v comes up as unreferenced material. 1ClickCopyPro results are the same as before.

    Please Help:
    What's the deal w/dvr's? Is there another AnyDVD tool that will allow me to duplicate these discs? I like the Philips product and my budget can't afford a professional dvr yet. Please Help.
  7. G-Omaha

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    You might try Nero Vision of Ulead Moview Factory (this ones a tad expensive). Nero may work for what you intend; however, it probably will need to re-encode the move which means it will take an hour or so depending on the length of the movie.