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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Ben321, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Ben321

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    I'm unable to actually pay for it. When I go RedFox's credit-card processor's website to pay for the software, it asks for the bank that issued my credit card, but my bank isn't listed. However, when I select "other" from that list, and then type the name of my bank and click on the button to make the payment, it at first seems to be working but then I get an error that says the card processing failed. I'm not sure if my bank is blocking the payment or what, but my only option other than a credit card is to use a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin are options). Unfortunately I don't have any bitcoins, and there are no other options available. If Paypal was an available option, I could use that, because I do have Paypal. However it seems that RedFox doesn't accept Paypal at the current time. Is there any other solution for me?
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  2. mmdavis

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    Actually, it is Paypal doesn't accept Redfox. Maybe @Jill or @Ivan can help.
  3. Ben321

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    So Redfox's company Paypal account was banned by Paypal? Maybe then the author of AnyDVD could contact me by personal message here, and arrange payment by his personal Paypal account? I mean, most people these days have a personal Paypal account, even if only to buy things on eBay. Personal paypal accounts can both send and receive money.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Don't think they even created one, as paypal accounts got closed even under the slysoft days. It's just not an option. What EXACT error do you get when trying your bank. Keep in mind they're often CaS3 SeNsiTive, even your name would be.
  5. Ben321

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    The error message that got emailed to me was this.
  6. Ben321

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    My Bank does not even report that it blocked any transactions. Normally if a transaction is blocked (such as it's in an unusually large amount, or a payment made to a not-well-known company), when I then login to my online banking website, it will immediately show me a message notifying me that a suspicious transaction was blocked, and give me an option to unblock it, after which I can then go back to the online store and make the purchase successfully. However, when I logged in to my bank's website after this payment failed, there was no notification that any payment had been blocked. It's seems like the signal for processing the transaction never even reached my bank's computers.
  7. Jill

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    The situation really is as described in our email exchange: we do not learn anything about the reasons why your payment will not go through and PayPal does not want to do business with us. We do have quite a few new members from your country, so it is not a general issue. If you reply to our last email with your trial reference # we can reset your trial license. That should give you three weeks to get some Bitcoins.
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  8. tbessie

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    I had the exact same problem; used two different VISA credit cards from well-known American banks, tried 3 times, all failed.

    If lots of people are not able to use the credit card processing system, can't you look into it to see why it's failing so often?

    Given the number of weirdly-named websites my browser cycled through on the way to attempted payment, I'm now really concerned that some shady characters in the payment processing system have my credit card info. This, especially since it decided that "Cambodia" was the default country I was in...
  9. Jill

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    We will answer your email support request as well. In a nutshell: our products are so unusual that conventional payment methods are not necessarily available to us. The reasons are known. This also means that you can rest assured that we take data security much more seriously than others might do.
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  10. tbessie

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    Thanks for your reply, here and in email. I've replied to you in email.
  11. Timothy Chester

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    I would very much like to pay for this as the trial period has worked great. I am unable to pay via CC and am getting the same error as described above. What solutions are there?
  12. BRCS

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    Bitcoin and it is pretty simple to set up.