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    That is the problem I have and need some help on.

    I have a PAL DVD (From Russia) and cannot play it on my American DVD Player.
    It tells me "Cannot Play".
    So I burned it using AnyDVD/CloneDVD and I get the same thing.
    Is there a way for me to change from PAL DVD to NTSC?
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    I know how to use Google, thank you.
    I was hoping that CloneDVD/AnyDVD would do the trick.

    Since it does not then I was hoping for folks to put what they use best.
    So far all the ones I checked have you do many things.
    What is wrong with created a piece of software that you point to the DVD Folder and it just converts? Does someone know of such a thing? I just hate doing work!
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    Like no one uses a PAL to NTSC converter on here.
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    They make DVD Players that will play NTSC and PAL DVD's. Cyberhome is one of the companes that make that player. Check Amazon, Wal-Mart for that brand or any brand that will play both formats. That player should be found for under $50.00.

    You can try Avi2DVD as it is free.
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    I have but, frankly, they aren't worth it. I know of numerous converters for DivX, Xvid, MKV, MOV, etc when converting them to DVD and also changing from PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL but there are only 2 program I know that will do straight DVD to DVD and convert. Nero Vision is one of the programs.

    Of the two programs I know you will always lose the original menus. You cannot convert menus. So you are left with the option of menus made by the program used to convert with and they don't look so nice. The conversion process also takes quite some time. The output may appear fine but really, IMHO, it's not worth it at all.

    My recommendation is to either purchase a DVD player that can handle both NTSC & PAL or watch this DVD only on your computer. You aren't wrong for asking how to convert the movie but the results simply do not make the process worthwhile, IMHO.
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    Ok let me give you an example so you folks can have a feel for it.

    Sure I can go buy a DVD player that plays both, however I can't expect everyone to do so.

    I have a friend that married outside the USA, they paid a person to video the wedding however it is in PAL. So they want to share it with there American friends/family. So do you think it would be easier to record it in PAL and ask all these friends/family to purchase a new DVD because of it?
    Or would it be easier to post on a forum to find the easiest way to do so, so they can then just ship a DVD?
    I am not talking about copyright infringement here, just plain jane, get me a copy so the friends and family can enjoy.
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    I tried that but on the Trial version I do not get the "Create New DVD Layout" as shown on there picture.

    So I cannot try it for free, and I am not willing to pay for it unless I know for sure it works.
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    No, of course not. If you had mentioned this specific situation it would have impacted the answer you were given.

    I did make a suggestion about Nero Vision and others did suggest software solutions as well. In the long run I said that a DVD player that can play both is better. For personal use when you purchase a DVD for your own use my suggestion of a DVD player that can handle both NTSC & PAL is the best solution. Without knowing an example of why you were asking had to do with converting a wedding video it's likely that 8 out of 10 people will always suggest a DVD player that plays both NTSC & PAL rather than converting.

    That said, either use the program mentioned or try Nero Vision and import the existing DVD, select the titlesets to convert and make sure the output settings are for NTSC. Complete the conversion which can take awhile depending on the computer system used and then burn the completed conversion to disc. The conversion isn't difficult but the conversion process, itself, can take quite a bit of time depending on the length of the video. Once completed they can simply clone as many copies as necessary with CloneDVD or CloneCD or whatever other program they wish to use.
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    Quick solution and with the least troubles, buy a DVD player from an Australian website. I've noticed time and time again that most players (cheap) are region free or have a code to unlock it and play both PAL and NTSC.
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    You must not have seen his post.
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    That's why it won't work linx.