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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by UkieWolf, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Back when AnyDVD was in it's early stages, I purchased a LIFETIME licence for about $80 US. This was a long time ago and I have been a regular user since. I am NOT pirating my DVD and BLURAY purchases but instead copying them onto my computer to keep from wearing out the physical discs. I have replaced computers and hard drives and always been able to reinstall my original AnyDVD with the provided "Forever Licence". My last attempt this past month failed using the original "Forever licence" and had no choice but to purchase a "Lifetime" package from RedFox. Now my hope is that RedFox does not disappear the same way as AnyDVD after I have joined.
    A little bit of history ... I do recall AnyDVD indicating that pressure and legal threats from the Motion Picture Industry was the main culprit for AnyDVD's demise. However, my "Forever Licence" has continued to serve me well these past couple of years UNTIL NOW when my HDD died and I had to reinstall all of my Apps. NOW that licence no longer works and I suspect that RedFox may have had something to do with that. In either case, I am not in control (at this time) but am willing to keep the faith and keep my fingers crossed.
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    Redfox had zero to do with the fact that you're old license sure when anymore with redfox anydvd. It never did. Slysoft licenses only work up to 7695, as clearly stated on the purchase/download page.

    The MPAA has everything to do with that. They're the one that ultimately shut slysoft down, and in doing so took your license with them.

    We're not going to debate this yet again. Long story very short, former slysoft staff founded redfox and contributed development. Developing requires staff and resources and how do you pay for that, right by selling licenses. As such, any redfox issues anydvd version (v8xxx) requires a redfox license.

    End of story. But yes, we all hope redfox lasts as long as slysoft did and hopefully much longer :)

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    UkieWolf has a redfox license ("My last attempt this past month failed using the original "Forever licence" and had no choice but to purchase a "Lifetime" package from Redfox")

    UkieWolf's hard drive died

    UkieWolf reinstalled Redfox Anydvd but for some reason it does not work.
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    Did you copy your Redfox Anydvd key over to your new hard drive and run it's install program?

    If you saved your e-mail containing your key just download it again.

    If you did not save the e-mail just contact Redfox support and they will e-mail you the key.
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    Did I say he didn't buy one? Maybe he's clicking the wrong key by mistake. But yes, if the key is indeed giving problems and still valid, the license support staff will be able to issue a fix.

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    @just curious was maybe wondering, like myself, why you didn't address his new RedFox licence not working issue in your initial reply.

    Unless @UkieWolf has a different email since purchasing, Key Recovery can be used:
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  7. Hey Ukie, definitely check out the link in mike20021969's post. I can understand your worry about RedFox disappearing but I honestly think they are in a much more stable position than Slysoft was. A lot changed over Slysoft's life time and they weren't ready for what was to come. It's a shame because most that use Slysoft's products aren't breaking any laws and have the right to back up our purchased media. Back in the old days Slysoft's Clone CD was the only program that could properly back up a disk made with a Cannon document archiver.