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    Well I've waded through some really useful threads on this forum already, seems to be a great resource.

    I'm now in a position to purchase AnyDVD HD but I can't bring myself to do it yet. The whole ripping HD-DVD, converting to BD format, vice-versa, etc, is way too complicated and drawn out. Is there any chance that a one-click solution can be produced by SlySoft?

    I'd happily pay more than the current AnyDVD HD purchase price if the pain was taken out of creating HD backups. I can't be alone in thinking that the current processes are convoluted, am I?
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    Ive read in a forum that one member of blindread company is ascking user how fonciont is helpful in a program that is on the study at the moment to backup blu ray ( i think hd dvd too) but i don't know how distant we are from that solution i'm sure slysoft is thinking the same but for the moment i don't think is something different from the mighty tsremux ( thanks to the author) without this program the work is a little hard
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    Follow this post create an ISO then use AnyDVD HD in your back ground to play your BD in your HTPC. This is as simple as you can get today. It's not 1 click but in no time, you will find yourself easy enough to back up all your BD you want.
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    Realize that, at the moment, the cost of media is such that in many instances it's cheaper to buy the BD movie than it is to go to the trouble of conversion. The few remaining exclusive movies on HD will soon be available on BD. I've found that many of the HD movies require a dual layer BD and at $30+ a pop it's just not worth it to me. Particularly, since you lose all the special features and you'll be limited to DTS core. Of course, you may be able to compress the video to fit on a single layer BD at $10+ a disc, but that kinda defeats the purpose, don't ya think?

    Frankly, I don't see enough interest in the single tool conversion process to make the process cost effective. Those of us that invested in HD DVD just gotta bite the bullet on this one and learn to do it manually or just forget the whole thing and enjoy our HD DVDs for as long as the drives live. At least, if a few years down the road, the drives do take a crap then there is a process to convert the discs to BD. Most probably at that future time the cost of the same movie on BD will be low enough to just buy the movie on BD.
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    100percent right.i only reciently got into isos,and id never go back.what you need is imageburn,daemon tools lite and daemonscript.(of course anydvdhd).
    open a folder or two in your desktop,name them my hddvd or whatever,rip an iso,make a shortcut with daemon script,drag the shortcut to the folders,in desktop open it up,pick your movie and your player starts,daemon lite mounts the iso and powerdvd plays the movie,simpley brilliant:D
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    all the credit to our friend, SamuriHL!
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    Thanks. :) Glad to see people are making good use of the information. :)