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    What does this actually mean "on the fly"? I see it everyday on this forum, but have never really known what it means. I did a search for it and nothing showed up. Also searched in the FAQs.:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    On the fly means that it provides real time running decription at the device driver level.

    We are hearing a lot more about this "on the fly" limitation to AnyDVD since Sony came out with thier new protections based on totally hosed DVD structures. Seems AnyDVD can't get rid of all the bogus files and title sets "on the fly" - and is (at last word) working on a separate ripper to clean them out as it rips.

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    Burning on the fly infers that you are burning from the source to the burner in real time without having data being buffered (or saved on the hard drive, for example) somewhere first. So for example, in Clonecd you can choose to go directly from your optical reader directly to your burner without first saving that data on the hard drive. You can also burn on the fly in Clonedvd2, if you choose "write existing data".
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    Thanks to both of you, cleared it up for me. I never have to wonder again.