Oceans 8 (2018)

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    Hello. Im having no luck with Oceans 8 for some reason. Im trying to rip it to MP4 using clone dvd mobile (latest version) to generic MP4. Any DVD is also at the latest version. Windows 7

    The error that pops up almost immediately is "write error". But drive is not full etc (I moved on to several others since trying).

    I am going to try and upload the screen shot of the error...

    Some of the error I get:

    This is Chameleon transcoder engine [] (09/23/2013)

    LOG: Video Start PTS = 4095
    LOG: AudioA Start PTS = 4095
    LOG: ParseSector:#430 // V:0, A:0, S:0 // __verify( unit_pointer == 0 || get16(Sector, Offset + Delta + (unit_pointer - 1)) == 0x0B77 )
    LOG: ParseAudioDolby:#155 // V:0, A:0, S:0 // __verify( CRC_A & CRC_B )
    LOG: FlushAudio:#414 // V:0, A:0, S:0 // __ensure( get16(m_AudioBuffer[LANG], Removed) == 0x0B77 )

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    The 1.9xx series is for many known to be buggy. If you have a slysoft license, you could try the build. It's slower but many say more stable. If that doesn't work, you'll have to use a different solution until CDVDm gets the long planned overhaul.
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    Thank you for your reply, much appreciated it. Where can I get