Observation: "Unable to crack all CSS keys"

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    @James Sorry but this might not be perfectly structured and wind up being a wall of text but your thoughts would be appreciated.

    I have recently run into an interesting experience. I encountered this message using my Pioneer BDR-2205 (aka PIONEER BD-RWBDR-205). The movie is an older smaller release Region 2 DVD. I saw the movie on TV one days years ago and happened to buy it on DVD. I've never had such an issue let alone with any of my Pioneer drives. I can't test using my two Pioneer BDR-2209 drives because they aren't currently hooked up. Now, I do happen to have my [really] old Samsung SH-223F (aka TSSTCORP CDDVDW SH-S223F) DVD drive in an external enclosure and can hook it up via USB 3.0. The Samsung SH-223F has absolutely no issue. I will also point out that I used C0deKing's Patch utility for MTK-based drives years ago on official firmware used for the SH-223F so it is region-free.

    Now, sometimes this warning can be ignored. I know. But, no other non-Region 1 disc has ever caused this in my BDR-205 and I just find the whole thing odd. I figured your insights would be useful. Is it just something of no relevance or is there something of value to be gained from this error message occurring?

    Log files attached from both drives for this movie release and screenshots of the CCS Key Archive since they differ between the two drives.

    Pioneer BDR-205.png Samsung SH-223F.png

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    Simple: Brute force attack fails with the Pioneer on two title sets (probably too small for an attack?), but AnyDVD guesses the keys correctly. Samsung is region free, so no brute forcing required. If the disc is scanned once by the Samsung, the Pioneer should no longer complain, as the keys are in the CSS archive.

    EDIT: But you must tick "read from archive" for this to work.
  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Thanks for the feedback. I figured as much as you stated here but I've just never experienced it before with my Pioneer drives and just found it odd given the age of that movie. All the more reason to keep my older DVD drive handy. :)

    Note: I had the CSS key archive disabled merely to note the differences.