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    Antivirus software can be overzealous with some software in wrongly detecting it as a virus or otherwise nefarious. This happens with different software programs and all the antivirus programs suffer from false-postitives at one time or another. I suggest that you send the file to Panda and let them handle fixing their virus definitions on their end. If you downloaded the software from the Slysoft website or these forums then the file you downloaded is not infected with a virus.

    Lastly, while I do understand your frustration with the situation your anger is definiely misplaced and approaching the matter as you did in your post here in these forums doesn't exactly endear you to people. As long as you downloaded the file from Slysoft's servers contact Panda and let them take the appropriate steps to resolve the false-positive. It's their software causing the problem.

    PS: Send the file to Microsoft as well since Windows Defender doesn't like it. Either way, if the file was downloaded from Slysoft's servers the problem isn't on Slysoft's end.
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    Relax Bro!

    Seriously? Did you really mention Windows Defender? Wow! You should just step away from the computer....

    Virus Scans are not infallible and mistake valid files for viruses quit often.

    Slysoft has been top notch for years! Everyone who has used their software knows that this company is Paramount when it comes to decrypting new and old DVD protections.

    Good luck finding a better software than this Mr. "Unhappy soon-to-be ex-customer"...
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    I applaud you sir, way to get everyone's attention! :bang:

    Now if you want help, act responsibly. This isn't the kindergarten playground, and just like any other place of business, this kind of attitude will get you quickly ignored, or even tossed out the door.

    Second,.. it's not wise at all to use an email address as a forum name. The net has been around for over a decade, and it's far too well known that doing so leads to having your email address sent to spambots, or worse.
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    I'm not impressed either! :D

    I'm not impressed with the tone of the original post, or the quality of the virus scanner in play.

    I just downloaded the new version, scanned it, and installed it - with no problems.

    So long as AnyDVD is downloaded from this site - it's certified virus free.
    Therefore a positive scan is prima facie proof that your virus scanner needs its definitions updated.

    Instead of an ex-user - become a really smart user and the get the lifetime license while you still can.

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    People don't need to pile on. I've already instructed the user to contact Panda and Microsoft. Remember the forum rules.
  6. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Just for the record I do run Windows Defender on my system. It has never once had an issue with AnyDVD or any Slysoft or Elaborate Bytes program. Ever. Somehow it's possible that Panda's cloud antivirus did something to annoy Windows Defender so they both wound up in a bad mood. Regardless, if the file came from Slysoft's servers there is no virus. If the file came from somewhere else... well, that's likely the source of the problem.
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    Windows Defender


    He may be running Windows Seven. I received a message today on my laptop running Windows Seven regarding Windows Defender wanting to submit information to Microsoft about AnyDVD. But nothing was noted that it was detected as harmful or spyware.
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    I'm running Windows 7 and I haven't experienced that. Interesting. Thanks for the info.
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    me neither
  10. Peer

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    I had the doubtful pleasure of having to investigate the actions of some of these applications.
    Virus scanners need to play on a similar level as the threats they are aimed at, so far this is understandable.
    Most of them do it the right way and confine their efforts mostly to driver level, monitoring.

    Some, however, do it the messy way by hooking into the applications and doing their stuff right within the application itself.

    3 that come to mind are: ZoneAlarm, F-Secure and Panda.

    If whatever they do would trigger a heuristic virus alert in another scanner, the application in question would get the blame, as they are performing in the application's disguise.

    I can't say much about the effectiveness of those scanners, as each and every one of the maybe 20 virus alerts I had in the past years was a false positive.
    In other words, I could have done well without.

    But these scanners do limit our own ability to shield ourselves from our threats (including cracks).

    (yes, I'm pissed...)
  11. Joe

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    First thing to do if in doubt is to check the installer's code signature. All SlySoft setup programs are electronically signed. If the executable is altered after the signing process, this signature becomes invalid:

    • Right-click the SetupProductVersion.exe file.
    • Select "Properties" from the context menu.
    • Change to the tab "Digital Signatures".
    • Press the button [Details].
    The installer should be signed by "SlySoft, Inc.", and it should say something like: "This digital signature is OK."

    If the code signature is valid, it is very unlikely that you are dealing with any kind of threat. If still in doubt that it is a so-called false positive, you can upload the setup file to a meta virus scanner to make sure that it's only your anti-virus product which is messing up:

    We are sorry to see you go, you have been a wonderful one time poster. The fact that you used your e-mail address as forum username will make it very difficult to stay in touch with you since you won't find any of our e-mails between all the spam you just invited ...

    Joe :)