Noob sez -- Everything went wrong


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Feb 28, 2007

Video in general is kind of new to me.

I tried AnyDVD for the first time yesterday. My only windows machine is a Sony laptop, 2.8 ghz Pentium IV, with USB 2.0. (Model PCG-K13). I think the data bus is about 333 mhz. The internal DVD drive reads, doesn't write. I don't know what its speed is. Its internal hard disk is small, so I tried to extract video and save it to an external USB 2.0 drive. I went with the default options, except I specified the USB drive as the destination drive.

AnyDVD seemed to be ripping, but it wasn't utilizing a whole lot of RAM or CPU. Maybe 20% CPU, overall. It seemed to rip for about an hour. AnyDVD was telling me that 300 years of processing time remained. I stuck it out, hoping it wouldn't be quite that long. After about an hour, AnyDVD spontaneously quit. I'm not sure if any usable video got saved to the USB drive.

I'm going with the assumption that my machine is adequate for AnyDVD, and that AnyDVD can be made to work. I assume some AnyDVD settings were wrong.

Can I have a hint, please, about what I might try different next time?


Download the trial version of CloneDVD from the Slysoft website. If the red fox is showing in the lower right taskbar insert the DVD and then open CloneDVD. From there you can either rip it to HD or try to do it on the fly. I suggest that you rip it to HD and then use those files to let Clone compress them.

Do you have the red fox showing in the lower taskbar?

While AnyDVD can be used as a ripper, it shouldn't. Its purpose is to remain in the background and remove copy protection. Using CloneDVD is the preferred option, as suggested.

Boy do I feel dumb. That part went completely over my head. I'll try it. Thanks.