Nomadland freezing at 50% (

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SmegHead, Apr 30, 2021.

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    Had Nomadland downloading off Disney+ and the download stopped at 50% without moving for the better part of an hour. Log file attached...

    UPDATE 1: Started the download again, this time on a different PC and it's now at 54%. Guess it could have been a network issue the first time round.

    UPDATE 2: Just finished downloading successfully. Guess it must have been my abysmal broadband...

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    That's what the log suggests. AnyStream could not reach the CDN server after having retried for 3 times.
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    Thanks for the response. My first attempt was on a PC that connects to the broadband router via a pair of Powerline adapters, but the second PC uses Wi-Fi integrated into the motherboard. Been having issues with these Powerline adapters of late, so may replace them with a decent wireless card.