No longer logged in into AnyStream?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Little Fox, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. Little Fox

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    Hello friends, just a simple question please:

    I donloaded a HD-file of about 8Gb size from Amazon. Unfortinately my Internet-speed is very slow with only abt. 6-8 Mb download speed. So after about 3-1/2 hours the download finally was done and immediately thereafter i tried to logout of Amazon. To my surprise I got the reply, that I first have to login. This caused some confusion, because a minute ago my download had been successfully completed and now the system tells me that I‘am no longer online because logged off...

    Any thougts about this behaviour please ??

    thank you in advance and regards
  2. dtsig

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    My guess would be that Prime logged you off because it hadn't gotten any interaction for 3.5 hours.
  3. Little Fox

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    Well but how is it possible, that I downloaded whilst they cut me off ? I mean, if the speed is lower than 1x then the connection eventually might be cut. But I downloaded right to the last minute and then immediately thereafter I wanted to exit but got the message that I have to login first.
  4. first is the impression some people have that there are ever humans capable of reviewing the information for prime's millions of users. but then there are things related to video playback they may be able to differentiate between but upon first glance would appear normal like a video not being finished until 3.5 hours after the start given one's ability to pause indefinitely. I know that's the only time I've not been kicked out on my roku is when paused on a video. likewise I've sped through videos on it looking for scenes which may at a glance more or less mimic downloading a video at 4x speed.

    I've not been logged out of amazon on anystream though. I'll usually start a movie download when going to sleep and start a new one without a problem when waking up. until mentioning it I hadn't paid any mind to the possibility you could log out of amazon in anystream and begs the question why you would. perhaps it's just one of those things -- maybe you are successfully logging out but it throws back that error regardless.
  5. Little Fox

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    Hallo friends, well maybe it is my typical „German Correctness“ which causes me to logout of programs which I do not intend to use for the next hours...

    Just wanted to report the issue - but thank you very much for your kind comments on that...