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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by klonos, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Hello everybody,

    I just downloaded and tried anydvd out yesterday. There is one thing I find annoying though and if anyone of you out there knows how to overcome it it would be great.

    I've installed it on my user account and wanted it to be only for me since I was going to be the only one using it. When my dad logged to his account though, there was a message with anydvd settings and I was told off for "messing with the pc and his account again". The same happened with my brother's account and there is my mom's account yet to follow :(

    So, here is the question after the long story. How does one install anydvd (or any other slysoft product) only for his account and not for every other account on the system (WinXP Pro by the way)?? If this cannot be done, how do I disable the message from showing to the other people when they log in?

    Thanks in advance people.
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    What message?

    What message?

    One solution is to simply disable Anydvd from running at startup. Right click the red fox icon and uncheck "autostart" while in their user accounts.
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    It is just the settings window. I guess it only needs to somehow force each user to make his/her initial settings or something. So, even if I disable it from one of the user accounts, it will still come up to the other ones or any accounts I create in the future.

    The obvious solution is to go through each account (if they aren't password protected) and disable anydvd tray icon and close this initial settings window. But, you have to do this for every account and every single time you upgrade anydvd.

    In other software setups there is an option to "install only for me (only this account)" or something like that. The luck of this option for anydvd is where the issue lies I believe. Any workarounds on this one?