No DVD Drive Detected error cropping up again

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Beck38, Apr 26, 2020.

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    Way back 2-3 years ago, I and some others tripped across this, and despite a number of folks having some idea as to the problem, it was never really 'solved', the only solution seemed to be rolling back a couple of versions to one that worked.

    Ran into it again with the release of vr. (non beta). I'll try on the various machines and operating systems I run the rest of this weekend as I have the time, but there really should be a global fix to this continuing problem.
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    Of the thousands of AnyDVD users, you are the only one with the problem. Don't see a "global" fix is needed. Maybe posting an AnyDVD log might be useful to see if something might be causing an issue in your machine.
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    Actually the disappearing drive problem isn't limited to him. It gets posted about now and again, but systems and conditions always vary. So its pretty hard to get a universal fix
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    It's one of those nagging problems that keep a lot of folks from updating as soon as a version crosses from beta to release, instead one runs a few steps back, until they either run into a disc release that gives problems or if they camp out on this site and get a 'heads up' on approaching potential problems.

    Kinda like the current pandemic; most folks shelter in place, hunkering down until they run into an unsolvable problem, but some don't have that luxury, they have to connect to the general public many times a day.

    Well, I'm lucky to have several machines so I may be able to find a combination that works, eventually, or get some clue from somewhere that helps solve it.

    Fyi found others that have reported drive problems, and solved it with and/or (beta?). Will give both a try.

    Nope, they don't work either, will continue to try on other machines ( appears to work but rips have additional problems). Will try on more machines.
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    I have two completely different ASUS drives showing up as being exactly the same according to the Windows 10 Device Manager, Disk Management Screen and such, but ANYDVD and other software see the drives correctly. Never could find the issue in the registry. BTFOOM. Fortunate to not having disappearing drives. Windows and the software must handle the drives differently.
    ASUS DRW-24B1ST c1.05 (DVD) drive and ASUS BD-16D1HT 3.02 (UHD Friendly) -- both show up as the DVD drive. ASUS suggested I unplug the DVD drive, delete the other drive, reboot, redetect. Still showed the incorrect drive ID.

    I'm curious if the OP has tried the computer management screen (assuming Windows is being run) --- Start->Administrative Tools->Computer Management, Then once that is loaded, select the "Disk Management" menu and navigate there. That screen lets you change drive letters and such.
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