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No Atip check in Doom 3??!


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Jan 28, 2007
I haven't been in the game backup scene in a while. All the Starforce and Securom crap really got me down so i decided to not even mess around with it anymore.

I just purchased Doom 3 the other day (great game at ultra quality) and decided I fire up A Ray Scanner to see what kind of protection this puppy was sporting. I like the game and wanted a working backup, that's all. A Ray reported it's using safedisc 3.2. I've dealt with safedisc before and I am somewhat familiar with it. Big bunch of bad sectors at the start of the disc that need to be burned with a "two sheep" or better burner to get a working copy. Sometimes amplifying the weak sectors with CloneCD helps for non-"two sheep" burners. Has to do with EFM encoding in regular bit patterns and whether your drive can write them correctly (two sheep) or almost correctly (one sheep).

I have two burners. My trusty Sony DRU-810A DVD_RW (which never really did a good job on safedisc protected games for me even though it's a good drive) and a Samsung SH-S182D 18x DVD_RW that I purchased about 3 months ago.

I decided what the heck, I'll see what my sammy's made of. I fired up CloneCD and ticked the option for fast error skip and let her rip. Took a good while but I had the image without any issues. I proceeded to burn without amplifying the weak sectors or any software tricks at all. I edited the profile to just ignore them. I wanted to see what this burner is made of. I burned it nice and slow (10x).

After a short while I had my backup. I re-inserted it to try and load it up and to my amazement it loaded within 2 seconds. Wait a minute...... Doesn't safedisc have an ATIP check?? I thought I must of had CloneCD's "hide CDR" option running in the background. This option hides the ATIP and I'm pretty sure it provides emulation for safedisc as well. I called up CloneCD and made sure "hide CDR" was unticked.

Now, what's weird is the game is still loading for me within a couple of seconds. I can play with no problems. From a burner. I'm positively sure that I have no ATIP hider running in the background or emulation of any kind.

This leads me to believe that for some odd reason Doom 3's version of safedisc is not reading the ATIP. How can this be? I know for a fact that earlier versions will check this, along with other forms of emulation. Anybody else backed this game up? Not that I'm complaining or anything. It's nice to have a working backup without needing help to get it run. I'm just really surprised.

By the way, just as a reference I burned it to Sony 32x CD-R media. They're rather cheap.
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If you patch Doom 3 to the latest version you will see that the copy protection is removed. And so is the cd-check. So, no need for a disc at all.:)
Hmmm... That makes sense. I didn't realize this. When I updated to the latest patch it didn't mention anything about the protection being removed. I scanned the directory with A Ray and it didn't find anything.

I just wish I would of known this before I wasted time copying disc 1. It takes a while to get through all those bad sectors.