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Resolved NF - New Error (?) I never encountered

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SCChi, Nov 24, 2022.

  1. SCChi

    SCChi Well-Known Member

    I was downloading "knight Rider" (I know no one is perfect :ROFLMAO:). Everything was working as expected (ie perfectly) until the following error appeared in the log:

    [Debug] [netflix] Requesting season 70025548 (ie Knight Rider Season 2)
    00:13:37.213 - [Notice] [netflix] Request playlist
    00:13:37.434 - [Error] [MSL:netflix] Error retrieving manifest: Error parsing MSL encodable.
    00:13:37.677 - [Error] [MSL:netflix] Error retrieving manifest: Error parsing MSL encodable.
    00:13:37.920 - [Error] [MSL:netflix] Error retrieving manifest: Error parsing MSL encodable.

    I did close and relaunched AS without resolving the issue. This error occurs for any request in Netflix using AS whereas it is working perfectly outside AS with a browser session.
    I am using AS v without VPN and I am located in US.
    It is working perfectly for AP, P+, HBO, Hulu and D+
  2. DQ

    DQ Well-Known Member

    Not perfect? Bite your tongue! Knight Rider is a masterpiece of 80's drama!

    I pulled it not to long back without issue. I know that does not help you but what will is if you post a logfile so others can see.
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  3. SCChi

    SCChi Well-Known Member

    DQ, thank you for the log file suggestion. I checked the log content and I discovered that during the session, I was logout in AS. I did resolve the issue doing a hard logout in AS (AS crashed at this point), relaunching AS, and relogging to my NF account. Everything is working now.
    Note: I consider Knight Rider as one of my favorite show and as good as Airwolf
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