NF movies not showing in search

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Diehr, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Diehr

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    I have a lifetime membership subscription. It's not just items in "My List"(NF)/"My Stuff"(AP), but even using the search doesn't show a lot of movies.
    For instance, using my browser, I have 25 movies in "My List" on NF. Using the browser in AnyStream, I show 3...
    For AP, under "My Stuff", I have 44 movies. Using the browser in AnyStream, I have 42.
    I'm seeing this in AP as well as NF, though it seems like NF has a heavier impact...

    Also some oddities about this, mind you, this could be completely on the AP side, but there are some movies that are only available in the UK. Or at least that's what amazon is reporting. But when I flip on my vpn, and change my region settings in amazon, and jump through a few more hoops to make it look like I'm in the UK, and it starts showing me UK content, the original title I was looking for doesn't appear to exist? I flip back to the US region, undo all my steps, and there it is again under the US AP.