Newbie says Hi and glad I found AnyDVD! :)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Subliminal, Dec 22, 2007.

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    Well, I may be new here but I've heard AnyDVD is the most
    exceptional software to use to copy DVDs. I have a lot of
    backups to do as I have a HUGE collection, and I am
    sick of losing discs over the years due to various
    lame reasons, accidents, etc. Some of my discs are very
    insanely rare, one of which stopped working recently for
    no reason (seemingly), one which I lost, and one that
    got cracked accidently. I don't lose THAT many, but
    enough is enough with worrying about discs that I cannot
    replace if needed or could be gone forever.

    I really wanted a program that could copy discs in
    such a way as to "clone" them 1:1 like the original.

    AnyDVD appears to fit that bill perfectly!

    Funny thing is, I've had a DVD burner for years and
    a bunch of dual layer blanks even, but didn't know I could
    get backups of the originals! I'm really naive and I
    gotta learn more, I thought DVDs were uncopyable! :) I
    ought to read a lot more though and do some research, but
    this is something I finally need to do "arrest" my worries!