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Newbie question please


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Jan 28, 2007
I have been told that if the dvd is still encrypted that some times the encryption shows up as read errors. If this is true how can you tell the difference between a disk that is still encrypted and one that is just dirty or damaged?

You can always visually inspect a disc. Cleaning is easy! Just make sure you wipe from center out and never wipe in the direction of the little grooves. That may clean old vinyl, but not good for discs.
Sometimes newer releases will insert "bogus" files that DVDShrink and DVD Decryptor will list as read errors. Clean the disc thoroughly then use DVDClone with AnyDVD to create your back up. Also DVDShrink with AnyDVD in the background usually solves the problem.
If you plan on backing up older or "well-used" DVD's, invest in an inexpensive hand crank disc cleaner. After re-surfacing this way your disc will look brand new! Usually around $20.00 USD's. Use an approved disc cleaning solution. Eyeglass cleaner will also work well.
Hope this helps.
Hey thanks

I tried to clean the disk did not work. I guess I'm new at this and just could not tell if it was damaged or the copy protection was still there. The disk must just be damaged.

Did you try AnyDVD Ripper

Occasionally I get disks with read errors where upon inspection of the disk surface it is due the damage on the disk. Using AnyDVD Ripper does a wonderful job on those disks. You just need to be patient with the product. You copy might have a few seconds of bad sections missing here or there but the end result is a usable copy. This also would confirm for you that, the issue was a copy protection based read error or just dirt or damage.
Beach -

Suggest ensuring that your offending DVD is toughly clean. Using mild warm soapy water works for me.

When you experience this type of problem it would be helpful to provide the Error Code and Error Notification Narrative you receive.