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  1. prarce2

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    just want to know what i needed to start up with backing up blu-ray disk like do i need a pc blu-ray burner and where can i buy blank disks for cheap. just got a PS3 and convensed my with that i could back up blu ray's and she agreed so now i need you guys help on how to start. any help thanx,
  2. evanmit

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    to burn blu-ray discs you need a bluray burner. Discs are expensive whereever you get them. Not sure which country you are in, so just shop around...maybe google it.

    It is possible to dump the contents of a Bluray to your PC using the PS3. I dont have one so Im no expert, but something to do with installing linux on the PS3 (doesn't void warranty) and networking it with your PC.

    Doing this, I hear you can then copy the dumped bluray back to your PS3 harddrive to watch it. So have 200gb of movies on your PC, just transfer the one you want to watch back to the PS3 via network.

    Once again, Im no it for more info.
  3. edo

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    I don't have a source for them but yoiu want to get BR E (rewritable) cause it is too easy to burn a $15 coaster if you only use BRs.

    I have a Lite ON BR burner and have only used it to play BR movies and archive to hdds.

  4. edo

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    BTW I like archiving to hdds cause sometimes the movies aren't worth watching more than once and I can delete them to make room for more. Also the cost is below $10 ea archived movie as opposed to $15 per movie archived to disc
  5. evanmit

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    I agree with edo with the backing up to HDD.

    I dont actually have a HDDVD or Bluray drive, so don't ask me what I am doing here ;) but if I did I would be backing up to HDD.

    An Australia (where I am) a 320gb HDD costs $99 and a 25gb blank BD-R costs $25.

    Logic says i would get 3.2 times more storage per dollar when backing up to HDD. I personally would just backup to HDD and burn films to a rewritable disc when I wanted to watch them in a standalone player.
  6. Adbear

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    This is what I do, I have muy Blu-ray and HD-dvd's backed up on the hard drive and just write them to bd-re when I want to watch them, (I convert the HD-dvd's to blu-ray so I can watch them on my PS3 with my main tv as my PC is on a different floor)