New to AnyDVD Program Freezes my PC on startup

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    I recently installed anydvd on my laptop. I wanted to make back ups of my children's DVD collection. I wasn't sure if this program was legit. So I backed up my laptop and installed the newest version from slysoft website. When It worked fine on my laptop with now problems. I decided to put it on my desktop, so I could burn with my faster dvdr.

    After the install I rebooted. Upon start up my PC now freezes everytime it tries to start/load on startup. Complete lockup, only option is to hard reset. Then I tried to load up in safe mode. But it hangs up on


    I don't think this has anything to do with anydvd. It adds to my problem tho because I cannot load into Regular or any of the safemodes. Next I tryed to do a windows recovery just to see what my options would be. I response was once again something I think that doesn't have to do with anydvd. My PC's reply to windows recovery was.

    <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.

    Was this because I did not put in the OS disk before choosing recovery?...i don't know maybe. I'm not a big PC wiz, I know my way around the basics tho.

    I did not build this PC. I was a hand me down from my step dad. He's pushing quad, dual cores on a new server Hitachi gave him.


    Windows XP Professional w/ service pack 2
    Prescott: Intel(r) Pentium(r) 4 CPU 3.20GHz 3.10GHz
    2.0GB RAM
    400+ GB HDD
    GeForce 7800 GS-OC
    ASRock 775V88+ mother board

    UPDATE: while I was typing this up. I was finally able to get my desktop to load up without freezing... Soooo if it is not anything that anydvd is doing specifically. Maybe I have to many load on startup programs running. When my step dad gave me the PC he left a lot of stuff on it. An this is not the first time the desktop has froze on startup. It was the first time it froze consistently. Well If anydvd is not the problem. Then I guess I went to the wrong place to look for go figure. I am going to post this anyway. Because its is already typed and maybe someone can give me some advice.

    BTW AnyDVD is a wonderful program and easy to use. Thank you SlySoft