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    In partnership with the most prestigious international film festivals, Festival Scope is proud to present a selection of films, very often right after their world premieres live at the Festival! By making these titles available for very few days following their premiere, Festival Scope aims not only to give film lovers a glimpse of upcoming releases, but also to promote and help these films reach their deserved audiences.

    If all of this sounds like music to your ears, sign up and join in on the fun! Once you have created your Festival Scope account*, you will be able to reserve virtual tickets for screenings of the films. Tickets are limited and in demand, so hurry up if you want a front seat when our most exciting titles hit the screen!
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    That doesn't look like a streaming platform, just a movie pre-screening platform.

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    It is a streaming platform. It's an instance of the shift72 platform. Shift72 has seen growth hand over fist this year because of the plague. They have been virtualizing film festivals that traditionally were in-person events. The other big player in this space is cinesend. There has been a lot of content on these platforms lately including premiers of many titles. Adding these platforms might attract a lot of attention because they show some unreleased content that might not be in traditional distribution for many months.
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    adding this platforms will increase chance of app being taken down.
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    Yeah I don't think it fits the bill, and downloading unreleased content is imo way too risky.

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