New drive - now Clone DVD very flakey

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by wrongsideof40, Feb 8, 2007.

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    Hi folks - my first post to the group....

    After a year or so of buring flawlessly, I changed the DVD RW drive, as I want to burn + and - media (the old drive was + only).

    So I try a few test burns - the first is on a +R Memorex disc. It gets to about 30% and then comes up with something like "DVD9 error, probably bad media". So then I try a TDK +RW rewritable. Perfect! Then I try a Tesco (cheap) -R disc. Perfect again. Then I try a Sony -R and the Clone refuses to recognise that there's a disc loaded! Tried another Memorex. Same as 1st. Finally, tried a TDK -R. It never really got started then kicked out the disc with DVD9 error again.

    What's going on here. Is this a faulty drive? If so, why did it burn the RW and cheap disc but nothing else. I kinda promised my bro that I'd burn some photos for him so any help very much appreciated.

    Thanks, and greetings from a snow-bound southern England.

  2. C92509

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    Some Bargain Media (Memorex-Sony etc) all of which manufacture are farmed out to the lowest bidding company will not perform in all drives especially +R/W which I find to be unstable

    The very properties which allow the erasure and re writing of a disk are sometimes percieved as bad media in some drives even the top of the line drives

    I have tried several drives and media and found that the middle ground has the overall best performance i.e. Disk drives. I prefer using better medium or the medium or what the drive manufacturer reccommends. It is usually what they provide with the unit

    Plextor Sony and a few other reccommend Verbatim and not "bargain media" as Memorex or "store label"
  3. wrongsideof40

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    I forgot to mention...even PLAYBACK of DVDs is not assured. A DVD burnt on my previous drive hardly plays at all and even a shop-bought DVD jumps a few frames every couple of minutes. Surely this is a fault with the drive??

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    what drive have you got there?
    i dont have any problems burning to dvd +/- R/RW discs no matter what they cost.i bought 100 unbranded from maplin for £19.99 and they are problems at all.i also use datawrite,bulkpaq,verbatim,emtec/basf,philips,mr dvd discs and all burn no problem at all.
    i've got an hp dv1674ea laptop which has a dvd +/- R/RW burning as well as CD/CD-R.
    i also have usb external dvd +/- R/RW drives (also for CD/CD-R)-one is a freecom which also does dual layer dvd9 discs and has light scribe capabilities.the second drive is an iomega (which i must say is is faster than the laptop drive and the external freecom one.but it's discontinued).
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  5. sockeye

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    You haven't said what brand and model of drive you are experiencing problems with, but firmware is a good place to start. It is not unusual to purchace a drive off the shelf and have it be 2 or 3 firmware revisions behind.
    See if there is newer firmware for your drive, and be sure to use good media. The media you mentioned in your post is not noted for being very reliable.
    If this approach fails, you may have a faulty drive
  6. wrongsideof40

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    The drive is a Sony AW-G170AB2 but when I go to the Sony website for firmware, there's no such beast. The fact that it even has trouble PLAYING discs, surely suggests a faulty drive???

    I'm thinking of popping down to PC World to get an alternative, so at least I'm dealing with a local trader. From the selection they offer, is there a particular drive that is renowned for burning more reliably than others?

    Or from anywhere else??

    Thanks again - Martin
  7. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    Take a look here for info on your drive:

    Follow DEE-27's link to a thread about your rebadged drive.
    I didn't have time to read the thread, but just glancing at it there appears to be a lot of posted support for it.
    If you don't have good results, I would suggest a BenQ 1640, 1650, or 1655 as a possible replacement. (if still available in your local, hard to find in the U.S. now) The BenQ's don't have DVD Ram capability, but are concidered to be top notch.