New B-R Drive won't rip AVP2 or WANTED

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  1. vectrect

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    Two titles won't scan successfully enough for me to use Handbrake on the resulting folder (in scanning titles it crashes HB). I have been using 'Rip Video Disc to Harddisk ...' for a long time now without problems but these two discs that are brand new don't generate a useable structure on a new B-R reader I want to start using so I can retire my old workhorse.

    Logs attached. 3 per machine. On the old workhorse all 3 discs result in a usable folder on the new machine with the new USB drive only AVP1 results in a usable structure. I have labelled 4 of the 6 log files so it's clear which disc works and results in a working folder that Handbrake can scan.

    I've read the notes about not scanning BR to folder but never had a problem but I also tried scanning to an ISO and I get the same results. On my old machine Handbrake will read the titles, on the ISO from the new machine Handbrake will not read titles on AVP2 or WANTED.

    I have tried without success adjusting settings like speedmenu, region code, prohibited operations etc. but I'm working in the dark here and nothing seems to make the slightest difference

    Would appreciate a pointer in the right direction please. The discs don't take long to scan so I'm happy to work through various permutations of settings if additional log files or diagnostics helps.

    Both machines are Windows 10 and I updated the firmware of the new B-R reader to latest also. Ditto Handbrake = latest version.

    Many thanks in advance.
    WANTED: 0 25195 05135 4
    AVP1/2 box set: 0 24543 98310 1

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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I believe the USB drive is simply not working correctly. I can't even open the "Wanted" logfile from the USB drive with my debugging tool.
    Check cables, connectors, power supply, drivers...
  3. vectrect

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    Which one the one from machine 1 or machine 2? You should be able to open all the ziplog files - at least I can. The new drive is working correctly at least it will play and rip the AVP1 disc correctly. Keep in mind the file I uploaded is a zip archive not a ziplog archive - so the zip file I uploaded contains the .ziplog files.
  4. el Filou

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    I think James meant that some important debug files inside the ziplog archive can't be processed by Redfox's internal tools, thereby indicating the drive is producing corrupted data.
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  5. James

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  6. vectrect

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    I understand now thanks. Sorry to bug you but is that the case for all the Pioneer Logs? For example the file workingAnyDVD_8.5.4.0_Info_D_85725123_ALIEN_VS_PREDATOR_12888498_E311991E.ziplog is from the same drive and the title scans successfully. I don't understand why just the two discs AVP2 and WANTED don't scan correctly - I have checked 10 other discs and they all work properly in this drive.
  7. whatever_gong82

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    Like James, the AnyDVD developer said, he can't even begin to diagnose your problem because of some issue on your end. I'd double check everything on your end to make sure that their is nothing wrong or missing with your setup.

  8. vectrect

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    The point is there is more than one log file. The description reads like the drive is not working but the drive *is* working for 12 other discs - and I took the time to upload working and non working log files from discs that work and discs that don't work on two different drives which to my mind rules out both the discs and the drives as being damaged. I've also checked other discs that work which makes me wonder why ANYDVD is generating corrupt log files for just two discs but to confirm that I'm wondering if this was understood and whether an attempt to check the log from the working disc 9AnyDVD_8.5.4.0_Info_D_85725123_ALIEN_VS_PREDATOR_12888498_E311991E) is also corrupt. Sorry to be pedantic but it's not clear to me this was understood. If it is possible that two particular discs cause ANYDVD to emit damaged log files this might be something that can be tracked down. If the working AVP1 disc in the Pioneer BDR-XS07 is also creating a corrupt log I'll be quiet.
  9. vectrect

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    I think I've ruled out setup issues my end now since I have connected my old workhorse DVD drive to the same PC that had the DVD drive that didn't scan connected to it. I have made no changes windows or ANYDVD and both AVP2 and WANTED scan no problem with that installation of AnyDVD. All I did was power down, switch drives and power on again. With the original drive the discs scan. When I power down, replace the drive with the more recent drive AVP2 and WANTED don't scan.
  10. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    With those two sentences, it points to the newer drive being an issue, does it not?
  11. vectrect

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    That is one of two possibilities. All I'm asking for is confirmation whether the AVP1 disc that works in Handbrake also has a corrupted log file. If all the files generated by AnyDVD on this drive are corrupt I'm then it's either a problem with AnyDVD or the drive. If AVP1 generates working logs and AVP2/WANTED generate corrupt logs it could be anything including my setup. My previous post was trying to confirm my set up was fine since nothing changed and the old drive has no problems with any discs. I suppose I could gather logs from that drive on that software configuration too. If I knew what I was looking for I'd check the log files myself but I'm not sure I could identify a corrupt file without help.
  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Disc with setup A: Works.
    Same disc with same AnyDVD version on setup B: Does not work.

    That's all I can tell you. But you knew that already...
  13. vectrect

    vectrect Member

    Yes but I also have 12 results of same disc with same AnyDVD version on setup B: that *do* work. It's just these two discs.