Netflix - Inconsistent audio quality options available for TV show

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  1. While going through The Office (U.S.) I was noticing that randomly I had different audio quality options on some of the episodes.
    For most of them I could get 640 kbps DDP 5.1 but these episodes had the following highest available.
    S01E01 448 kbps DDP
    S01E02 448 kbps DDP
    S02E01 128 kbps DDP
    S02E13 128 kbps DDP
    S03E07 128 kbps DDP
    S03E13 448 kbps DDP
    S03E17 448 kbps DDP

    That's as far as I've gotten. Can anyone else confirm they are seeing the same thing? I'm in the US.
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    I'd appreciate if you create a log file for a few of those. You do not have to actually start download, just get to the video/audio options and then click cancel.
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  3. That's what she said!

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    Thanks for the log!
    I presume you had the same problem with the titles mentioned in the log, right?
  5. Correct, all the ones in the log were either 448 or 128.

    Did you want one in the log that was 640?
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    No, I actually wanted the log as it is. Working on it now.
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