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    i have a lightscribe drive and put together some pictures and text to burn onto a lightscribe disc.
    i save the project before burning.the preview show the pictures and text as it would look on the finished lightscribe disc.
    but when it had done,only the text had been burned and the images had not.
    i checked in the help files and had done exactly word for word what to do.
    the image files where on my pc when i tried to burn them so it's not like i'd deleted them so they weren't available.

    any help appreciated.

    incidently,i opened the saved project again to try it with another disc (i removed the text this time) and tried to create a label for this new unused disc.and after about 10 secs it reported it had successfully burned the label which is rubbish as it normally takes along time.anyway the disc was blank.