Nero and DVDShrink

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by redhotpoker, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. redhotpoker

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    Courious if anyone else is burning coasters allowing DVDShrink to do the burn (I believe it uses the Nero burning engine if installed)?


    I never had I problem until I resently reformated/installed XP (slipstreamed with SP3). I installed Nero & resently If I allow Shrink to do the burn, the resulting DVD jumps to the last few minutes of the DVD and freezes my player (home theather player, havent try playing with pc drive).

    It's no big deal, if I use Nero Burning Rom to burn DVD Video, all is good.
    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the problem as I wondering if the compatibilty problems are with the latest versions of Nero or with the XP SP3 update.
  2. oldjoe

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    DVDShrink does not make the burn. Your isues are most likely with Nero. XP SP3 is not supposed to be released until sometime in '08 so that is also a possible source of your problems.
  3. d.chatten

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    I have done some digging around and from what i can gather the problem seems to be with Nero 8, the only answer to this issue is to uninstall Nero 8 using the Nero CleanTool and install Nero 6 or 7 instead.

    Hope this helps!