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  1. um i just downloading AnyDVD I just don't know what to do after that. like i put the dvd in and it shows me information and then i don't know what to do after word. and turn burn the dvd's i have nero ultra software.
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    After you get the popup from AnyDVD, you are ready to start the burning process.
  3. yea but i don't know how to burn it with the nero software because that new to me to??
  4. Webslinger

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    Try the free trial of Clonedvd2.

    Read this fully please:

    If you want to use Nero Recode, I'll transfer this thread to the third party app forum, where someone can help you further.

    Anydvd doesn't burn. It just decrypts (well it does a lot of other things, but it doesn't burn).
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    What version of Nero? Nero6 Nero7 tutorials.
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  6. ultra edition 7
  7. Webslinger

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    Then you own Nero Recode, which is probably what you want to use.

    But if you want to try Clonedvd2, then read my post above.
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    You'll wanna use Nero Recode to open/copy or edit / burn the disc. There outta be decent help files in Nero. All AnyDVD does is remove the protection so Nero (or any copy program) *can* copy it.

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    Click on Nero7 in my previous post for instructions for that version.
  10. im still confused i don't know how to burn a dvd wth nero7. the tutorials are to slow. i just need to know how to use anydvd and then burn it with nero?
  11. Webslinger

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    Nero Recode. Leave Anydvd running at all times.

    Run Nero Recode. Choose either "Recode and entire dvd to dvd" or choose "recode main movie to dvd" depending on what you want.
    Click "import dvd". Choose you disc. Click "ok". Hopefully, you can figure things out from there.

    I'm sorry, but I don't have to time to write an entire guide for you. There should be some online if you do a search.
    And others here may have time to help you further.
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  12. when i put the dvd in my disk drive. do i have to like make a folder for the dvd. or what cause that is what i am having trouble with. do i put it under my documents?
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    Are you running Recode? If not, do so.

    visit please
  14. yea its recode so how do i do this like how do i transfer it from any dvd to nero
  15. Webslinger

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    You just leave Anydvd running in the background and follow this guide:

    There is no ripping first.
  16. i think i got it just curious how long does it take to burn a dvd on nero??
  17. fivestones

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    AnyDVd the best

    To use AnyDvd

    1. right click on the Fox tray icon and select RIP Video-DVD to Harddisk another window will open

    2. What you now need to do is select the Source Directory IE: where you are ripping from, usually the
    VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD you have in the drive. then select the Destination Directory IE: where you
    want to save the files on your computer.

    3. Afterwards you would open CloneDVD2 and point it at the files on your Harddrive to transcode and
    create the DVD. Fivestones
  18. Webslinger

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    Depends on your burner, your system specs, the blank media, you're using, how much data you're burning, etc. If you use "advanced analysis" you will get better picture quality (than Clonedvd2)--but it will take much longer. Both Recode and Shrink take longer to transcode than Clonedvd2.
  19. fivestones

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    Don't know much about nero but CloneDVd is easy as pie.Here is a link to show how it works.
  20. Webslinger

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    No! :disagree: Anydvd ripper uses an old version of FixVTS, which is often not needed (and in some cases can mess things up).
    Please read below:

    1. The best way to rip using Anydvd is to use Clonedvd2 (if you want video files and not a sector 1:1 rip). If you can't or are not willing to do that, this is how you rip using Anydvd:

    2. With the latest version of Anydvd running, drag and drop the video_ts folder to your desktop using Windows Explorer. Alternatively, you don't need to rip at all and can just directly import the disc into whatever burning application you want, provided Anydvd is running in the background. You don't necessarily need to rip first at all. Not having to rip first at all is one major advantage of using Anydvd.

    3. If you can't get what you want using #1 and #2 first, then you right click on the fox icon on your toolbar and select rip video-dvd to hard disk--but only if methods 1 and 2 fail first. This method uses an old version of FixVTS, which is often not required.

    Please note that this does not apply to the HD-DVD ripper option in Anydvd HD.
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