Need help to re-purchase due to CC problem

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by bobrpggamer, May 24, 2021.

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    I just cleared the charge with my CC holder and I tried to reorder as the email has told me to do, but I keep getting order# ******* Failed due to insufficient funds. As it turns out my CC Company thought it was a fraudulent charge and I do have funds available. but I still cannot do another order as of yet.

    Is there a grace time when I should be able to reorder say 24 hours or something, I am actually just renewing a license due to my trial ending today and my 1year license good to only 2020 or sometime near there not a flat out new purchase.
  2. mmdavis

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    Make sure you clear your browser cache or use a different browser after a failed transaction.
  3. bobrpggamer

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    OK I will use Chrome, thank you.
  4. zero269

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    Hi bob,

    I'm not sure I have the exact answer for you, but I can share my experience when I placed my order(s).

    1. I placed the order online. It was rejected by the bank due to an oversees charge. I was expecting this, and RedFox offered that warning as well.
    2. Once the order is placed, take a screenshot and save it.
    3. Call your bank and ask them to approve a 1-time purchase for the vendor you have in your screenshot. Once they confirm it will be approved...
    4. Go back and order your software and this time it will be approved.
    NOTE: Depending on the credit card company, it may be possible that they can approve the transaction without you having to go through the ordering process all over again. However, with Synchrony (Sam's Club Master Card), that's what I had to do.
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    If you call your bank and tell them you were making an international purchase and to let it go through, I think you’ll have better luck
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    Sorry guys I should have gotten back to you but the first answer did the trick from mmdavis, I just used Chrome and no problems

    Thank you for your responses.

    I have another question, but I think I may just start a new topic.
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    That has been responded too.