my scratched disc doesn't work/I used a no-cd crack/now I want refund

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by casino, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. casino

    casino Member

    i just bought GJ for COD4 english version on vista only to find it doesn't work, maybe i should have read the forum first.
    i can't try the image profile as i have a scratch on the original disc (hence the purchase of GJ) i can't repair so it gets to a specific point while creating the image and stops.

    waisted me money there it seems.
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    COD4 works with GJ as I use it. I bet the scratch is your issue?
  3. casino

    casino Member

    yep my sons and not happy about it.

    how did you get it to work or did you use the image option which i can't??

    single player without image option on vista??
  4. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    Please try the new v3.0.0.9 beta.
  5. casino

    casino Member

    tried 3009 beta on my laptop this time which already had the game installed on and thats running winXP and it still asks for the dvd.
  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    click and answer the questions so that others can help you better, especially 14 and 15

    You should probably also create a new profile with
  7. evlncrn8

    evlncrn8 Well-Known Member

    well the no-cd is technically illegal and the purpose of gamejackal is to stay legal, so your advice has 'compromises'...
  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    casino, the discussion of cracks is not tolerated here.

    "Posting of Cracks or illegal serial numbers for any program or application in this forum will not be tolerated, Slysoft reserves the right to ban you from posting on this forum for the first infraction."

    Your post has been deleted, and further discussion or promotion of cracks will result in your being banned. :policeman:
  9. casino

    casino Member

    ok i never actually posted a crack on here at all so have been come down on slightly hard i fell regarding the banning of me.

    if the no cd thing is illegal which i'm not aware of i will have to remove it.

    on the GJ page i didn't see anything regarding this software only working with some games and not others so i presumed it worked with all.

    does this mean i can have a refund??
  10. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    The speaking of no-cd is a crack in itself. Games that don't work with GJ if you post here on those it'll get an update to play the game without the disc.
  11. casino

    casino Member

    this thread was started in november and its still going though so 5 months and still problems
  12. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Discussion of cracks is not permitted here--much less promoting the use of them. :policeman:

    click (Charlie isn't having any problems with this game and Game Jackal)

    Game Jackal should work fine with his game. If you require help you need to provide the requested information: click But Game Jackal is not going to help you with a scratched original disc. The point really is to use Game Jackal before scratching discs.

    Game Jackal certainly, however, does not currently work with Tages protected games nor Starforce protected games.

    You would have to contact Slysoft and ask:

    Thread closed. :policeman:
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2008
  13. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    One note which needs to be made here. Game Jackal requires a working game CD or DVD to create a working profile. It is as simple as that.
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