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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Bob Katz, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Bob Katz

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    Hi, guys. I've been a perpetual license owner for years. My Shuttle computer broke on Friday (can't even get into the BIOS) so I've built a new computer to run JRiver and RedFox. The license key does not work, can't register AnyDVDHD. Can you please help?

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    That depends, is it a redfox or slysoft license. What anydvd begin were you using

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    What about your computer's backup files? You should have an email from Redfox with your key.

    Otherwise go to the support section of the main page. There it says:

    I have lost my license key. What now?
    In exceptional cases we can send it to you again. It's an enormous effort for us to make a new one, thus it is really an exception. Please use our contact form for key requests.

    Please make a safety backup of your license key file on an USB stick or a CD and keep it in a safe place - we cannot replace your license key if you have lost it.

    If you still have the email address under the key was licenced you should be able to receive the key again.
  4. Bob Katz

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    Good news. I found the license key in my backup drive. I actually had an old license from Slysoft as well as the new one I purchased from Redfox. But I didn't mark them in any way and after I tried the first one I grabbed I assumed the error was because I was using a new (replacement) computer. But actually the answer was a wrong license! Solved. Thanks all (especially Ivan) for your help.
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    An easy way to recover ALL your licenses with one click is our Key Recovery at

    If you changed your email address after purchase or you do not remember what email used when purchased, contact our support first and give them some personal details so they can find you in database.
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    no idea how to get to this link on the main page. Maybe you should consider to make this easier to find.
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