My Original Scrabble Will Not Backup Correctly

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by Mathatalist, Feb 7, 2007.

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    What gives. I have a new version of Scrabble that I paid $20 for at BestBuy. I wanted a backup so I don't ruin the original. (Actually it will be my 5 year old that ruins it) I have wasted SIX (6) CD's trying to make a backup that works. They all seem to work, I can even use them to reinstall the software, but it will not be work as the Original disk. The program ask for a original disk and not a backup. Scrabble realizes the copy is my backup. For the amount of CD's I am waisting I could buy another original before long. I have tried everything I could find in the fourms.

  2. KoRn

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    Which copy protection?
    How did you create the Image and how did you burn it?
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    See if this works. Go to Start, Programs, Slysoft, CloneCD, CloneCD Tray. A sheep will appear in your Taskbar. Right-click and select Hide CDR Media. The sheep icon should turn orange. Put in the back-up you made and try it again. Also, which Profile did you use for the back-up? You should use Protected PC Game.