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My Original Scrabble Will Not Backup Correctly


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Feb 7, 2007
What gives. I have a new version of Scrabble that I paid $20 for at BestBuy. I wanted a backup so I don't ruin the original. (Actually it will be my 5 year old that ruins it) I have wasted SIX (6) CD's trying to make a backup that works. They all seem to work, I can even use them to reinstall the software, but it will not be work as the Original disk. The program ask for a original disk and not a backup. Scrabble realizes the copy is my backup. For the amount of CD's I am waisting I could buy another original before long. I have tried everything I could find in the fourms.

Which copy protection?
How did you create the Image and how did you burn it?

See if this works. Go to Start, Programs, Slysoft, CloneCD, CloneCD Tray. A sheep will appear in your Taskbar. Right-click and select Hide CDR Media. The sheep icon should turn orange. Put in the back-up you made and try it again. Also, which Profile did you use for the back-up? You should use Protected PC Game.