Movies using 60p vs. 24p

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    as a hobby photographer I really don't understand why the movies in 60p vs 24p show this "soap opera look" that I really hate. Usually the field of depth is just a function of the aperture. So why do we have this - for me extremely annoying - difference of the super sharp foreground and the fuzzy background in 60p. Movies shot in 24p seem to be better balancend. Foreground vs background. And for me a more natural way displaying things. Any insights? Are there workarounds with these 60p movies to scale down to 24p?
  2. Jeff R 1

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    I don't know anything about what your talking about when it comes to aperture when it concerns 60 vs 24 fps, but how would you get away from the SOE when filming at 60fps ?
    Especially since it's not an effect, but simply a result of how things look when filmed at 60 fps.

    Your question will become prevalent as 60 fps movies become just that, maybe one day displays will have reverse interpolation.

    And "fps" not "P", "P" by itself like that means progressive, or it's counterpart "interlaced" ?
    I think you mean fps ?

    What would happen if you took a 4k movie like "Gemini Man" and ran it on your HTPC and set your video card to output at 24 fps, or 23.976 (23) ?
    Might take some of the motion smoothness away ?
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  3. James

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    Yes, but it will likely stutter like hell, as frames are likely removed more or less randomly.
    Easy solution: Watch Gemini Man from Blu-ray (or Blu-ray 3D), which "features" 23.97... fps.
  4. testiles

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    ... or take the UHD and downconvert it in CloneBD?

  5. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    I will try testiles' proposal and report back later.
  6. coopervid

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    CloneBD makes a 60i (interlaced) BluRay from the 60p (progressive) UHD which doesn't look better. Still super sharp foreground with super fuzzy background. So that would leave just picking the standard 24p BD disc.
  7. Jeff R 1

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    I tried it last night, it seems to depend on what video renderer that I used, MadVR just froze right up while others worked better.
    It did however produce the typical 24 fps judder, like the opening pan scene of the train station in Gemini Man.

    I may try setting my UB900 to output only at 24fps and see what happens, it may just default to 60fps though, I have it set to auto now.
  8. testiles

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    I was really hoping that would work.

  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I would be very surprised, if it would look.... "good" without judder, because 60 is not evenly dividable by 24.
    The source material was shot with 120fps, so it is easy to create 60fps (UHD) (120:2) and 24fps (BD/BD3D) (120:5) copies.
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    There are other options being that u own the uhd disc and don’t have issues watching streaming use the redeem code vudu/movies everywhere ect Apple 4K, shield tv, frame rate matching turned on plays @23.976
    Not 60fps natively
    Same goes for that other 60fps movie (billylin)
    24fps as well.

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    Sent you a PM. Please check.
  12. The_Left

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    I guess it's:
    1- lossless atmos + high bitrate + soap opera effect or
    2- lossy atmos + low bitrate + 24p motion
  13. coopervid

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    Naaah. Never give up.....