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Memory Trade Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by Clams, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    Any of you geeks wanna swap some memory?? :D

    Here's the deal - even swap.

    I have 2GB of PC3200 DDR 400 ECC (error correcting) memory. (new)

    I want to swap it for 2GB of plain vanilla non-ECC PC3200 DDR400

    Many mobos can use ECC with a BIOS tweak - mine cannot. ECC memory is better IF your mobo can use it. I can't.

    If you want to swap - I'll mail mine to you 1st for testing and to eliminate
    downtime at your end. PM me for contact info.

    I have 4 identical 512's. I would require the same, or 2 identical 1meg