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Memcoder Error 10 Mins into DivX Conversion


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Jun 10, 2007
Everytime I try to convert a film to DivX I get a Software error that says Memcoder.exe has caused an error, and the aplication wants to close , Sorry.

Tried reinstalling, Regestry cleaning.

Nothing helps. Always the same crash.

Any Help appreciated.

can you convert to any of other formats ok with clonedvdmobile?
are you only having the problem with DivX?
Problems with memcoder

I cant seem to convert any file. 3gp has also failed with the same error, about ten mins into the encoding process.

I am also having the same exact problem with DVDFAB (sorry but I use that too)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled my codecs, and also instaled ffdshow.

Really cant think of a way around it.

Thanks For Any Help

I still have not found a solution.

I still have no clue, I have tried removing ALL other dvd related software, then reinstalin clone, but nothing.

I have exactly the same problem with memcoder.exe error message when I use Clone DVD mobile. However, I found out that when I do not use the subtitle option that I am able to convert the files. Everytime I include subtitles I get the memcoder.exe error.