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Media write error


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Jan 28, 2007
over the last couple of months my home pc will not copy dvd's.
i use any dvd with clone dvd2 but during the write part i have a code and media write error come up.
i have tried all different brands of media and i can copy ok on my laptop ??!!
anyone help?

thanks:confused: :confused:
Your dvd burner is probably on its way out. It may work sometimes and it may even work on smaller files but is not handling large DVD files. It has happened to me recently. My burner was only 12 months old. I kept it for reading/ripping files but installed a new burner alongside it. No problems now.
You might have to update the drivers on Your Burner. I just had to update mine. I have a plextor PX716-A
DVD Burner

It sounds as if your DVD Burner may need replacing. Check out NewEgg for great prices on DVD burners. I use Sony and Samsung burners with no problems.
using same software and i updated driver!!
will probably by new dvd writer.
have u installed any new software?
may other Burningsoftware?
Espacially Gola? This software real sucks and makes problems with all
burning engines. After u installed it u just can burn normal again if u reinstall windows.

Yes this also happened to me. I got a new Lite on and it worked fine for a week then I installed software I got with my new digital HD video recorder and I got same error message.When I ran my second copy it worked fine but i ruined 10 dvds on my last 10 tries.I just got the new lightscibe LG and everything is fine.It can not be my dvd writer unless i got a dud it has to be the Sony software added that will not let me copy with the Lite on.You should try a new dvd writer they are cheap now so not a big expense to try.