Media Center underscan correction

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    This is a little off topic but I figured that one of you HiDef gurus would know the answer to this one.

    I am having some problems with the resolution of Media Center. Basically my TV struggles with DVD playback if the resoloution is not native ie 720 x 480.

    I have set the desktop to 1080i and used the nvidia tools (8600GT over DVI)to compensate for underscan no problem. However I cant do the same thing in MCE. When I choose 720 x 480 in MCE (set up your TV or monitor) 5% of the screen is missing from the picture (ie over the edge) and I cant find a way to correct the underscan in Media Center..The Nvidia correction does not apply in Media Center as it has its own resolution settings.

    Is there a way to fix this problem in MCE or will I have to watch my DVD's outside of Media Center?:confused:

    many thanks