Mass Effect 3 M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle Alienware Arena Giveaway for the PC

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    NOTE: This promo only applies to the PC version of Mass Effect 3. You don't need to even use the Alienware Arena account.

    1. If you don't have an Alienware Arena account then create one for free.
    2. If you already have an account or just created one then log in.
    3. Request your key.
    4. You'll get the key instantly.
    5. Open Origin and select to redeem a code.
    6. Enter the code you got from Alienware Arena and redeem it.
    7. You now have a free promo sniper rifle for Mass Effect 3 that I don't believe is available in any other way. Why pass up something free?

    Not sure how many codes they started with but there were around 9600 left when I got mine last night. I suspect they may have started wth 10,000. It's down to 5100. I ran across this on Facebook. Get 'em while they're available.

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