Man of Steel [2013] BD - AnyDVD does not recognize?

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    [I searched for this. I thought I saw this BD somewhere here a while back]
    1. This is the 3 disc edition. One DVD, and 2 BD, Movie and Special.
    2. The BD movie disc plays fine in my Home theatre Blu-Ray player.
    3. DVDfab did not seem to recognize the disc either.
    4. When the disc is in the drive, AnyDVD still displays "No disc is present in Drive -", I have never seen this before. U don't even get the chance to attempt to rip the disc. [or a log file]. Also, Windows Explorer and Disc Management don't seem to recognize when the disc in the drive either.
    5. Naturally, I tried another BD and it worked fine.
    Any ideas?
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  2. Hackerjac

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    Have you tried if the pc can see it with AnyDVD disabled ?

    My guess is a bad disk
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  3. TheEmpathicEar

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    1. PC can not see it with and with out AnyDVD running.
    2. If it was a bad disc, why does it play in my Home theatre Blu-Ray player?
    Insight or not from here, it is library disc. I thought I was checking out the single disc edition and got the 3 disc edition instead. I will just return this and get the single disc edition. It's still a bit of a mystery though. I have never seen this before.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    1. If the pc can't see it with anydvd disabled, and the drive reads other discs just fine = not an anydvd problem but defective disc. Plain and simple
    2. Some drives are more tolerant than others that's all. Same thing with the playing vs ripping. It aint the same either :)
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    ... the sad truth ...