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Making music DVD's


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Jan 30, 2007
Anyone reccomend software to mix different music dvd's into a compilation/
Fade in to a song and fade out then go to different DVD and fade in /out ?
Nothing complex that my neice could do but simple for me ?

So basically, you want to mix and match songs (music videos, basically) from various music DVD-videos? I don't know of anything you'd be able to use that would allow you to retain any one of the menu structures from the originals. However, you could use something like Nero Recode... it has as "compile a DVD" option that allows you to combine video from various sources, including multiple DVDs, onto a single disc (and I assume design a simple menu for it as well).
I 'll take look at Nero. Yes you've got it right I want to make a greatest hits from music DVD's. Nice to have music and video for "Happy Hour". I would not care how extensive the menu is as long as the music transistions without audio anomalies between the selections.