Lost HD play on PDVD 7.3370d

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  1. wdgoldstein

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    Folks this is VERY weird. About a month ago I upgraded my Video card to an ATI HD3650 (from an ATI X-1950) so that my system would work with TMT. In that no new HD-DVD's have been comming out my watching has been confined to Blu-Ray discs and I usually use PDVD. Yesterday I attempted to watch some of my old HD-DVD's with PDVD (latest 7.X release) and while I got the sound and Menu screens once the film started, In this case a Universal Title, while the sound played I couldn't even see the Universal logo.

    These same discs still play under TMT, Nero and even WinDVD, all with the inherent problems of the player software hence I would rather watch in PDVD. I upgraded to the latest 8.4X driver from ATI which had no effect. I can think of no other changes to the system other than the 3370d upgrade. Has anyone any idea of what is going on or how to fix it???
  2. Chris Gonzales

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    Hello wdgoldstein,

    With the introduction of version 8.0 of PowerDVD Cyberlink has dropped HD DVD support completely... possibly PowerDVD Ultra is having issues with the new HD3650 under HD DVD.

    Please roll back to PowerDVD Ultra v 7.3 build 3104 resp. 3319a resp. 3319f. Maybe this helps.
  3. wdgoldstein

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    Any other ideas

    Thanks for the advice Chris but I like the way 3370 handles BD disc images and have several new BD discs that I doubt earlier versions will play. I was considering blowing off PDVD altogether and installing from a much earlier version and upgrading to 3370d.

    Other than that I have heard of a HD patch for PDVD8. Any idea where to get it and if it might work on PDVD 7.3370?
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    all you need to know is on this thread good luck
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    I have PowerDVD 7 Ultra build 4102 witch is a later patch then mentioned here just came out 2 days ago and I still play my HD-DVD on this with no problems, yeah I read they have dropped support for HD_DVD in version 8
    but it's still there in the latest patch on version 7 weather there updating anything for it on 7 or not I don't know, I don't think so, but it hasn't been removed from 7
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    same here i still play HDDVD with the new patch for 7 but im wondering whats the difference with this version of 7 and PowerDVD 8 besides 8 doesnt play HDDVD of course before the hack:clap: for me it looks like there the exact same now
  7. wdgoldstein

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    It's Back :)

    I just installed build 4102 and happily my HD play is back. Have no idea why but I won't argue with success :)