Lip-sync issues with compressed 1:1 BD copy

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by kfscoll, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. kfscoll

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    The title says it all -- I made a complete 1:1 copy of a dual-layer BD (Breaking Bad, Season 5 Disc 1 FWIW) using the 25GB BD-R preset compression settings for the output ISO. After burning the ISO, the resulting disc exhibits minor but noticeable lip-sync errors on playback (i.e. the video and audio aren't synchronized). I tried creating the ISO both with and without the "audio core only" box checked and played the disc back on multiple players -- in all cases the lip-sync errors persist.

    Am I missing anything or is this a known bug?
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  2. gmac1701

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    TBH this is the biggest bugbear I have had with any BD conversion software.
    It seems to be the biggest issue on other forums.
    If Slysoft can crack it 100% of the time it's an easy purchase for me.
    I have tried all the current alternatives and none of them achieve perfect lipsynch on every disk.
    BD rebuilder converted gravity with perfect video but the audio is almost half a second off. CloneBD gave me a perfect copy.

    Hope Slysoft can pull it off
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  3. Tom

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    A bug report ticket has already been created with that issue. Stay tuned.
  4. HumGuy1

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    Audio sync issue ...any update?

    I just created a 25Gb coaster while trying to copy The King's Speech. Audio is noticeably out of sync. The same disc copies properly with BD Rebuilder. Though I've purchased CloneBD, I'm growing increasingly hesitant to use CloneBD since I've yet to copy a disc without some sort of audio-related problem. Earlier attempts to copy Starman resulted in 3 discs with no audio. I've read about the log file that is supposed to be generated by pressing ALT after the completion of the project, but when I press ALT nothing happens.

    Any suggestions?
  5. Comer

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    Lip sync issues here also. I'm using the trial version and have the Trial Version logo at the top right of the screen on the second movie I ripped to disk. Why is it not on the first disk I ripped and burned to a BD25 disk?

    At this exorbitant price (IMO) and with the amount of hassle I've had so fat, I really can't see myself purchasing considering how well BDRebuilder has worked for me so far. Pity, Ive been a long time Slysoft software user and I was really looking forward to this.