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    Does the new version of anydvd by RedFox address the problem of Lionsgate dvd's not showing the the full menu of files, specifically the featured tittle? when clone dvd shows files to pick for recording the movie file does not show up just all the small files like movie previews. here is the ziplog file

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    As stated in the other topic

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    That is very difficult to say without knowing what title. Not to mention there could be different versions depending on what region and whether it is a rental or retail disc, part of a Bluray bundle, etc.

    Does it work for you? If not, an AnyDVD log would be required, stating what problems you are having (with error codes, if any), EIN number, etc, so the developers can fix it. When they run across a disc that doesn't work, they fix it.
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    That particular movie is Most Likely to Murder. It's not just that disk, it's any disk from Lionsgate. There is no error code. When I bring it up in CloneDVD in theVideo titles window the movie file does not appear. See screen shot. I am using AnyDVD HD I know this is the last version before new company took over, but I have no other problems but this. I don't want to spend the money for new version if this problem still exist. I've read that Lionsgate does something so that the movie file number can't be read. Not blueRay

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    Actually the last version that works with slysoft was 7695, so you're even using an old slysoft one that's behind. That said, that's a relatively new title so the old slysoft version probably doesnt know how to handle it. And you don't have to buy immediately. There's still a trial available like in the old days. But as said multiple times now, no logfile (and from a recent version) : we can't help you.

    Screenshot's alone don't mean anything.

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    I thought I had but here is the log file.

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    That logfile is useless. You say you're using 7680 but that logfile is from 7150. That logfile is 5 years old going by the file number and the AnyDVD version you're using is over 2.5 years old. It's likely a simply copy protection that your old version simply can't handle, and never will since slysoft got shut down. Download the trial of the recent (beta) version, and if it doesn't work, provide a NEW logfile from that recent version.

    Logfiles from outdated versions such as that, are simply useless.
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    To make a long story short: Yes.