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  1. Stefanie

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    Does Slysoft have any plans to offer versions of their software for Linux and Mac systems in the near future? Considering many users' dissatisfaction with Windows Vista and Microsoft's general attitude, I think more and more users will be seeking other options over the next few years (with the probable exception of hardcore gamers).

    In addition to Windows XP (which I actually like), I currently use a couple of different distributions of Linux (SimplyMEPIS and Debian) on my desktops, and I use Mac OS X on a laptop. I certainly don't plan to pay $400.00 for Windows Vista Ultimate, especially not with all of its limitations.

    From what I've seen of Any DVD and Clone DVD during my trial period, I'm very impressed, and I intend to buy the whole suite for Windows XP (I love the cute graphics with the sheep eating popcorn). However, as I move away from Windows, I'll need non-Windows applications, be they proprietary or open source, and I don't mind paying a reasonable price for proprietary software that actually works. I realize that Slysoft and other companies have to make their decisions based on the cost effectiveness of retooling their programs for other operating systems, but I think it would be a worthy investment in the future on Slysoft's part. There's a relatively small, but devoted, consumer base for Linux and Mac, which is going to grow as Microsoft continues to make all of the wrong moves.

    Anyway, that's my two cents.
  2. Webslinger

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    No. Slysoft has no plans to release its products for Mac or Linux.
  3. oldjoe

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    Small consumer base is the key....Linux is certainly a growing alternative to Windows but MAC is in it's own world along with its own prices.
    I have Kubuntu installed on one PC but it is severely lacking compatability for a lot of applications.
    Vista has nothing new to offer other than eye candy. If you do want to move "up" to Vista, you can pick up the Upgrade version for under $150 US.
  4. Stefanie

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    True, there are upgrade and stripped-down versions of Vista available for less than $400.00, but the only one I'd be interested in is the full version of Ultimate. In my experience, upgrades are more trouble than the savings are worth. Also, it doesn't make sense (to me) to get the Home or Business versions, both of which are missing some of the features of Vista. Microsoft Office is even worse in that regard. Sadly, I'll still have to use Windows in some form or another on one of my PCs, in order to use Windows applications that haven't been ported to Linux, and to make sure my web designs work correctly with Internet Explorer.

    Using Linux is somewhat of a "chicken & egg" situation, in that potential users don't want to commit to it, because most cool applications (especially high-end games) are for Windows only; yet software publishers say they don't offer Linux versions, because the user base is too small. I suppose the only things consumers can do is support those publishers who offer Linux versions and write to the publishers who don't, letting them know that the demand exists.

    Oldjoe, you have a good point about Apple's Mac being in its own little, proprietary world. I know several Mac users, but then I probably move in geekier circles than most. I had no interest in Mac myself, until they switched to Intel hardware.

    Anyway, applications like Slysoft's are exactly the types of useful programs that many Linux and Mac users want. If there's no alternative, I'm sure a good open source application will appear for Linux, eventually. I've found a couple of other copying programs, but they aren't as good as Any and Clone, which have worked perfectly, so far.
  5. oldjoe

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    You will need a previous Windows OS to install an Upgrade version but that is the only difference. Upgrade versions are the same as the other versions. I have yet to purchase any version of Windows that was not an upgrade version.
  6. Stefanie

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    Yes, I know, and that's the problem. In my experience, OS upgrades don't work as well as full versions installed on a clean hard drive. They'll tell you it's the same, but it's never a perfect fit. By the same token, you could try to shove a Bugatti Veyron W16 engine into a Ford Model T and call it an upgrade, but it's not the same as having a Bugatti Veyron. ;)
  7. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    What precisely do you consider the "problem"? Having to have a previous version of windows?
    Windows upgrade discs contain the exact same data as a full install disc. If you have experienced problems using an upgrade version of Windows the problem would be the installer and not the disc.
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    The following quote in this thread by James should be of help.

    This makes it crystal clear why they don't release *nix versions, IMHO.
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  9. brokencrystal

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    "AnyDVD requires a kernel mode driver, which requires to be open source."

    Then how are closed source companies like InterVideo (Makers of WinDVD) making closed source software like LinDVD for Linux? Surely you can write your own DVD drivers? Also, I wasn't aware that SlySoft was in a country where they had to (or ever did) abide by such rules...

    I hope my opinion isn't too rebellious as to where you think I need to be banned or censored. I think you guys are in a position to make Linux software, but you just choose not to.

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  10. oldjoe

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    brokencrystal .........I am also sure that AnyDVD is capable of writing Linux compatible software but the problem ,IMO, lies with what I posted originally...... cost effectiveness.
  11. Stefanie

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    No, it's not a PICNIC issue, it's just my experience, having done countless installations, that upgrades have more glitches. Theory and practice are two different things. I've seen it with Microsoft and Adobe software. More often than not, you're better off replacing than upgrading.

    As for the other comments about Linux and/or Mac, most of us who use those systems still use Windows on the side, so we can still use software from Slysoft and other Windows-only publishers. There's no technical reason for not offering versions for other systems, it's simply a financial issue. Going forward, I think publishers will be able to make enough profit to justify multiple versions of their applications... at least I hope so.
  12. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    And once again, there is NO difference in Full Version and Upgrade discs of any Windows OS disc. They both contain the exact same data. I have also completed "countless" installations of Windows and I have used the Upgrade versions for the largest percentage of those installs.
    If you have that many "glitches" with Upgrade installs then I would suggest that you continue to use the Full Version discs. To everyone else, save some $ and purchase the Upgrade versions.
  13. G-Omaha

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    One can accomplish a "Clean/Complete/New Install" using an upgrade O/S product rather than the conventional "Upgrade process" which I agree is crappy. You will, as OLDJOE indicated, need to prove that you have a copy of the original O/S during the install procedure.
  14. slipttees

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    Slysoft For Mac OS X ?

    hey...exists the possibility to have available box SlySoft for the Mac?

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  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    WinDVD is a user mode application, it doesn't need to use/have kernel mode drivers.
    AnyDVD is working so well, because it *is* a kernel mode driver.
    To make it more clear:
    We could create a program which rips to harddisk (like DVDDecrypter) for Linux. We cannot create a driver which works similar like AnyDVD on Windows (making protections completely invisible to the OS and all applications).
  17. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    The major problem are licensing issues. Cost effectiveness is an issue as well, but I personally would love to have an alternative to Windows. IMHO AnyDVD is a "killer application", I would not want to run any OS without it.
  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    We have no plans for Linux or Mac versions for the *near* future. AFAIK Elaborate Bytes AG made a CloneDVD version for MacOSX for the japanese market, but it wasn't very successful (maybe because AnyDVD for OSX was missing? :) ) and I believe it is no longer maintained. You must know that both CloneDVD and CloneDVDmobile are based on the QT framework *because* we wanted to keep the option to "jump" on a different OS.
    Unfortunately AnyDVD needs to be completely rewritten for OSX & Linux, and not having AnyDVD takes the fun away from using CloneDVD/mobile.
    I would suggest you keep XP for the next two years (shouldn't be a problem, as Vista sucks pretty much anyway). Maybe we have a surprise for you by then... :)
  19. slipttees

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    Only Mac OS X

    why not slysoft box only for Windows and Mac OS X ?
    soon...Mac OS X and Windows they are not opensource, too, the Mac OS X it is being each popular time but! and i heve money for buy licence of Slysoft box..but I only buy will be had for Mac OS X!

    see ya!
  20. slipttees

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    ok...remove this then! ;)